What is environmental insurance?

Environmental insurance is designed to provide for the reinstatement of the environment.

Without environmental insurance, enviroconomists argue that entities that self-insure may incur environmental liabilities that far exceed their liquidated asset values.

  • Plan for the future

    Today’s business entities have a developing carbon footprint so environmental insurance is essential to protect them from environmental/pollution laws and the risk of financial uncertainty.

    A future carbon tax regime may consider the tax collected is best invested in insurance companies that are prepared to offer environmental insurance.

  • Protect your assets

    The importance of identifying potential environmental liabilities is critical in the process of risk mitigation because an entity should assess if they are asset rich enough to financially provide for adverse environmental impact or if they should arrange insurance to offset the potential liability that they may have.

If you have never had environmental insurance explained to you, it is recommended you contact your insurance broker today!

There are numerous industries and occupations that can have environmental liabilities

  • Are you covered?

    If an entity has never considered environmental risk mitigation it is likely that their insurance excludes environmental liability.

    How do we know this? Environmental liabilities are commonly excluded by all insurers, in an exclusion known as the “Pollution Exclusion.”

  • Seeking cover?

    If you are seeking environmental cover, you should speak to an insurance broker who can find specialists who can help them arrange the cover.

    Once in place, environmental liability insurance helps to create peace of mind for all concerned. How does this work you may ask?

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Futurist, Tim Longhurst, has “translated” a lengthy discussion on environmental risk into his own understanding and words. Click here to listen to the 4 min recording.

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