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EnviroSure is an internationally recognised Professional Indemnity Insurance product that includes pollution risks. It is perfect for all professions where a potential (direct or indirect) environmental risk may arise. Entities that have any form of environmental risk exposure would do very well to purchase this cover.

There are other products out there that have been designed to cover certain aspects of environmental risks, which are currently under review. Maintaining the stance that not all policies can be recommended, do not purchase cover directly from an insurer. Always use an insurance broker and always ask for a recommendation.

Do not purchase cover if it is supplied with a disclaimer, ergo asking you to read the policy to satisfy yourself that it has been issued in accordance with your requirements. Always get the broker to recommend the product to you and to be responsible for its performance.

Anthony Saunders
Anthony Saunders is an insurance broker who specialises in identifying environmental liabilities and creating environmental sustainability through insurance covers.

When it comes to environmental insurance, Anthony is literally a “one-stop-shop.” You can rest assured when you employ Anthony to manage your environmental risk concerns and insurance, you will be adequately covered for any environmental issue that may arise to threaten your business and livelihood.

Qualifications, Accreditation and Memberships
ANZIIF (Snr Assoc), QPIB, CIP, Dip.Fin.Serv. (IB), Director, Specialist Resource to IP Australia on Intellectual Property and Strategic Risk Protection;
Environmental Liability and Risk Analysis Specialist; Australasian Representative for Environmental Risk Resources Association
Member Hazardous Materials Discussion Group (Intl)
Participant on CRC Landcare panel.

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Anthony Saunders
Insurance Broker, Risk Transfer and Environmental Insurance Specialist
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